All About The Hunt - Cape Fear Duck Hunting

Diver Duck Hunting
Experience traditional “scissor rig” hunting for bluebills, redheads, canvasbacks, buffleheads and more. We deploy large decoy spreads of diver duck decoys and hunt from a scissor rig blind right off the boat! In coastal areas, the hunts take place along the core sound, Pamlico sound, the Pamlico river and Neuse rivers. We also offer some diver hunts around topsail island.
Sea Duck Hunting

Our sea duck hunts take place most often in the open water of the Pamlico sound. We will deploy large decoy spreads of Scoter and Old Squaw decoys to draw them in from a distance. We will also use small black flags to get the attention of the ducks from some ways off. It works very similar to flagging for geese.

We will hunt out of the boat with no blind on it. The boat is very open and has a good amount of space to spread out between flocks. The boat also has a high bow on it to allow for hunting in rougher conditions.

Wood Duck Impoundment Hunting

Come enjoy some of the best Wood Duck Hunting that Southeast North Carolina has to offer. The impoundment is located near Whiteville, North Carolina and provides fast in your face action for wood ducks and other species. You can either hunt out of blinds or in the flooded timber of the impoundment. These hunts are with Captain Brad Faulk, the owner of the impoundment. He ensures that everyone on the hunt has a great action-packed hunt.

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