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Hunting With New South Outfitters

Waterfowl hunting is known by its nature to take a toll on equipment and be more hazardous than other outdoor adventures. Through planning and proper preparation, we do our best to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience is had by everyone.

Our vessels meet all United States Coast Guard regulations and recommendations in compliance with United States Coast Guard licensing requirements. Not only are our captains USCG licensed but our boats are also equipped with all USCG required items such as Type 1 PFDS, fire extinguishers, flares, VHF radio, navigation lights, and GPS chart plotters. Our boats are covered by Sea Tow in case of any type of emergency. All of our guides are CPR and first aid basic trained and certified. All transport of clients will be done by a USCG licensed captain.


The boat is a 1974 21-foot sea ox. It was completely redone five years ago including a new fuel tank a hanging a new motor on the back. The motor is a 2004 Yamaha 250 HPDI that pushes the boat along very well. Sea Ox was made with a very high bow to handle rougher weather than most other boats of its size.


Whenever hunting in the sound for diving ducks the spread will consist of nothing but oversized diving duck decoys. All of the decoys are BANDED brand and are very resilient and float in rougher weather very well. We use the oversize to draw in flocks of ducks from a distance.

For scoter hunting we will be hunting over handmade cork scoter decoys. They are oversized as well to bring in the flocks of ducks from a long distance. The cork decoys are a lot heavier than the plastic decoys, but the cork decoys are almost impossible to sink even when being shot. All the scoter decoys are on longlines for hunting in deeper water and making pickup ten times easier.


Small one foot by one foot flags are used to get the birds attention from almost miles away. They see the fluttering of the flag in the wind and it looks like duck wings flapping in the distance. They come closer to check it out and then flock to the decoys. These are only used when sea duck hunting in the sounds or ocean.

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